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Shower trays and baths - made to measure.

In the beginning, there was the goal: to create an ambiance as multifaceted as the spirit of our times.

The result: a product line for the bathroom that you can freely design according to your own desires and imagionation. With VIVARI® AQUAMASTER range, creativity knows no limits. Where other materials reach their limit, we can produce your customized solution. Experience maximum freedom of movement with our XXL shower trays and custom-fit installation of AQUAMASTER bath tubs.

AQUAMASTER FLEX50 and XERO - Shower trays made to measure.


Flexibility in any format.

Customization up to 3000 mm length.

XERO gives you the option of implementing a variety of customized system solutions in addition to standard shapes. Use the numerous options to realise shower trays up to 3000 mm length and 1200 mm width.


System solutions:

  • Free-form customization
  • Standard shapes (Square, rectangle, quadrant)
  • Low installation depth
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • various drain options (central/drain offset, horizontal/vertical)
  • Drain capacity ≥ 0,64 l/s (depending on the selected drain)
  • integrated groove for glass partition wall
  • Anti-Slip coating for public areas is possible


Floor level shower tray with functional rim.

Perfect Hygiene, unique haptic.

The compact solution for your bathroom. Exclusive design made from solid 12 mm solid surface. The large dimensions, combined with a low installation depth, make installation easy. By shortening the revolving 50 mm functional rim in the factory, the shower tray can be easily adapted to up to 100 mm in length and width.

The 12 mm thick solid surface provides a uniform surface and is certified according to the international standard DIN ISO 846. Neither bacteria nor mildew can take root. Aesthetics and functionality complement one another seamlessly with AQUAMASTER.


  • 12 mm solid surface with a 40 mm heat insulated system substructure
  • Floor drain, horizontal (standard) or vertical design
  • Surface-flush drain cover made of brushed stainless steel or solid surface (option) 


The vanity, that consists of a single sheet of solid surface.

From the standard to a unique object.

Complete your exclusive ambience with a AQUAMASTER bath tub. How about a Shower-bath-tub-combination or a wellness tub with steps for entrance and enough storage space?

Our product range consists of two standard shapes ROUND and CUBE. You also have the opportunity to bring your own ideas in the design of your bath tub.


VIVARI® AQUAMASTER Reference objects

Villa R


Construction 1969

XXL Shower with integrated bench.


Conserve old, design something new.


Standing free shower tray.

Construction 1969

Guest bathroom with shower.

Weiße Villen

Organic shapes. Customised bath.