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Seamless countertops, made with Solid Surface materials.

Pfeiffer produces countertops with different materials since 1923. The countertops are durable, precise edge guided and individual planned: 

The solid surface CORIAN by DuPont is a mixture of natural minerals and pure acrylic resin and was developed over 40 years ago by DuPont. This pleasantly tactile material is formable, impact-resistant, unaffected by chemicals, non-porous and therefore easy to clean. If requested, we process CORIAN, HIMACS, KRION, STARON or HANEX.

Our solutions for Solid Surface Worktops.


Planned accurately to the millimeter.

An improvement in hygiene.

The broad spectrum of Pfeiffer products and colours is as suitable for extensive design commissions as it is for smaller projects. The material offers design flexibility, versatility and an unbelievable wealth of possibilities.


Together with your customers you can create interior designs which express your customers individual style and suit their way of life. Discover how PFEIFFER can help you to do this. 



Sophisticated Details.

100% customisation.

The unique combination of design diversity and practicality is particularly valuable in retail premises. Mineral materials from PFEIFFER can be thermoformed to fit into the smallest corner or used to set a highly dramatic accent. The material is solid through its full thickness, which allows company logos to be milled into the surface. If illuminated, the translucent material adds a further dimension and permit unusual visual effects.

In rational terms, products must have a long service life and should be easy to maintain. In emotional terms, they must satisfy the demand for exclusivity.  Thanks to DIMENSIO, there are no limits to creativity for absolutely individual worktop design. Seamless joints, worktops, elegant and practical: Inlaid stainless steel rods as set-down areas, milled down drainage surfaces and an seamless integrated MIXA sink provide no space for dirt or bacteria to collect.

Reference objects

Pirmadent in Pirmasens

Anja Welle Innenarchitektur, Homburg

Hertner QBig

© Dietmar Strauß
Architekt: Riemer Planung/Holzigel Innenarchitektur


Cabinets and worktops.

Interior Design: Prof. Dr. Leo Bauer, Munich

University Geisenheim

Furnishing reading room.


LEICA Microsystems

Wooden washtop.


Thong Thai

Counter, high tables.


Kitchen island

incl. flushmounted stove.


MR Schutztechnik

Customised logo.


Kitchen Countertop

New kitchen in an old building.