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History - The journey to our 100th anniversary in 2023.

Three generations, three landmark steps.

1923 - 1986
The company was founded
by Jakob Pfeiffer as a joinery.
In 1955, it moved to its present location Emmeliusstraße.


1987 - 2000
1987 Start of processing CORIAN.
1989  Take over by Werner Pfeiffer.
1997 Start of worldwide export of MIXA sinks.


2001 - Today
Take over by Arnd and Holm Pfeiffer.
Patents, awards and prizes for PFEIFFER trademarks


Awarded Design - "Made in Germany" since 1923.

A sustainable energy supply and production is the basis for sustainable living and acting.

Practicing sustainability for the future of our planet and environment.

A part of our social responsibility is based on a company-owned environmental management system to make an important contribution to the responsible use of available resources.

All our products are produced according to the strict German and European safety standards for employees and the environment, and are certified, recyclable and reusable.

Career - Be a part of our Team!

Experienced professionals

We need your knowledge and experience.


  • Unfortunately, we have no vacancies to offer at the moment.


Ready to apply for an internship or an apprenticeship at Pfeiffer?

What we offer

  • Apprenticeship Joiner (w / m / d) - 08/2021
  • Internship FOS (w / m / d) - 08/2021 til 08/2022
  • Internship (Business job or Craftmanship) (w / m / d) - Individual period

How we hire

Becoming a part of our team in three steps


Found a great role?
Check out these tips before you apply.
Applications should be sent by eMail and include a covering letter, a curriculum vitae and a recent photograph,
together with diplomas and references confirming the required experience and skills.


There are two types of interviews in our hiring process. Phone interviews - will last between 30 and 45 minutes. Onsite interviews - 45 or 60 Minutes. Feel free to interview us, too. Ask questions—about the work, about the team, about the culture—that will help you decide whether the job will be right for you.


Our leadership reviews every successful application before we make an job offer.  Sometimes we will ask to do a two-day work trial. Usually, the application process takes 6-8 weeks, depending on the number of incoming applications. During the first days a mentor will help you with all your questions - welcome on board!

Contact persons

We are Pfeiffer.

We stand for innovative design, guaranteed quality and honest dealings with our employees, customers and partners.

We have a team-oriented company culture characterized by flat hierarchies, flexibility and autonomous responsibility. To be successful in this goal, we must be seen to be an attractive employer that offers its employees more than just a workplace and monthly pay.  Our employees also benefit from a private accident insurance, a company pension, Business Bike, further training opportunities and Company Health Management.

Interior Designer

Stefan Droste (Dipl. Ing (FH))


Peter Kutscher (Master carpenter)


Christoph Rehorn (Master Carpenter)


Marcel Bourcarde (Master carpenter)


Niclas Neuls (Master Carpenter)

Interior Design

Dana Pfeiffer (B.A.)


Christel Pfeiffer


Steffen Böckel (Master Professional)

Dimensio® / P32

Joachim Zinn


Sunhild Pfeiffer (B.A.)

Back Office

Sabine Bernhardt


Sybille Lehnhausen