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Corian® - New Colours 2021!

The Aggregate Colours are one of the highlights in the new 2021 collection of Corian® Solid Surface!


Colour coordinated with the concrete aesthetics, random particles and movement add texture to industrial-inspired spaces and designs.


Inspired by mid-century modern design, particles dispersed throughout the aesthetic enliven the look and enhance any design style.


The white, translucent background comes to life with swirling veins that create breathtaking organic beauty and vibrant energy.


Parallel veins streak through the white background to sharply define and energize the surface from within.


Inspired by one of nature's most beautiful materials, this aesthetic celebrates wood's varied garining and rich colours.


Opulent designs with flowing patterns and nature-inspired colours pay homage to classic veined aesthetics.


Rooted in the natural world, varied colours and patterns suggest, ancient elements and the earth's riches.

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